CNC Screw Machining


Tradye Machine & Tool also specializes in CNC Screw Machining. There are more than one operation that is contained in the process of CNC Screw Machining that include Form Tools, Threading, and Rotary Broaching. We are capable of running parts up to 1-1/4″ diameter.
CNC Screw Machining is the process of using a machine tool that is somewhat like a lathe. It has a number of cutting tools used for making screws and other turned pieces made out of metal rods. They are usually used for small to medium sized parts, and are used in the high-volume manufacturing of a variety of turned components.


This refers to the machining of complex shapes and is commonly used to form tools. A form tool has contour and form of the final part, but in its reverse, so it cuts the material leaving the desired shape.


This is a process where a self-releasing die head can rapidly cut or roll form threads on a diameter on the outside. Anon-releasing tap holder with a ta can quickly cut diameters on the inside, but it needs a single spindle machine to reverse into high speed so that the tap can be removed from the work.


The broach holder is stationary while its internal live spindle and end cutting broach tool are driven by the work piece. As the broach is fed into the work piece, the broach’s contact points are contantly changing, creating your desired form.
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