The practice of grinding is a vast area of tool making and manufacturing. Grinding can produce very accurate dimensions and fine finishes. Three types of Cylindrical Grinding that we deal with at Tradye is Surface, OD (Outside Diameter), and ID (Inside Diameter). This type of grinding is used to grind the cylindrical surfaces of the pieces that are being worked on.


The process of grinding is where small abrasive particles are imbedded in a grinding tool (wheel, belt, or stone) to accomplish removal of material. Grinding is usually only used for the removal of small amounts of material. Grinding is very accurate and allows for smooth surface finishes.
The process of cylindrical grinding is used to remove stock and obtain the desired finished surfaces on ID and OD surfaces of round work pieces. Those surfaces are usually cylinders or tapers, but can include grooves or other formed surfaces of revolution. ID and OD grinding is typically utilized for grinding multiple diameter shafts and parts where more than one diameter is important.
Grinding is also used for bigger work that is more than the capacity of grinding machines that are centerless.
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