Prototypes and Production


Tradye Machine & Tool constructs prototypes, or an early model, and then can put the prototype into production.
No matter what you need, Tradye Machine & Tool can help. From a highly accurate machined prototype for a test, or a large prototype for a presentation, Tradye Machine & Tool has the knowledge and know-how to get your job done right.

Prototypes are great for situations where production materials are needed. Parts can be made from our on hand materials, or your custom specified material. Prototypes are perfect when the part is subjected to a line of demanding tests to check for functionality.

Tradye Machine & Tool can take on large and small jobs. Once all of the testing is completed, we can start long or short-run production.
Tradye Machine & Tool is committed to providing our customers with top quality workmanship. From start to finish we strive to meet your needs. So if you need to start Prototypes and Production job, give the professionals at Tradye Machine & Tool a call.
We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have about our process and/or our capabilities. Call 740-625-7550 today to schedule with Tradye Machine & Tool.