Welding & Fabrication


Tradye Machine & Tool specializes in the art of welding & fabrication. Basically the art of welding and fabrication is anytime you take a raw material and cut and burn, form, machine, weld, or perform the final assembly.


Welding is the art of joining together metal pieces by heating up the surface to the point that it is melting and joining them together. This is done by melting the pieces of metal and adding a filler material to form a pool of molten material that when cooled becomes a strong joint, with pressure, used in combination with heat, or alone, to produce a weld.


Fabrication is any time that metal is manipulated from one form into another, and welding is a type of metal fabrication.
We’re happy to answer any of your questions regarding our capabilities. If we cannot perform your welding & fabricating need, we can get you to someone who can. We provide pick up & delivery services and also field service. We’ve been performing machine work in Centerburg, Ohio since 1986, and would love to be your choice for all of your machine work. Give the professional qualified staff at Tradye Machine & Tool a call at 740-625-7550 for all of your Welding & Fabrication needs.